a rural retreat for cats

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Oldfield Road Farm, Honley, Holmfirth, Huddersfield. HD9 6RL


We aim to stock all the main brands of both wet and dry foods and strive to ensure that the food offered at Cozy Paws is the same as you would provide at home. If we do not stock your cats regular food we will be more than happy to get it in for you if you let us know prior to arrival. We are also happy to administer any prescription / special diets at no extra cost and would ask that the owners provide the food and instructions on arrival.

Regular meal times are adhered to with adult cats being fed wet food and/or dry food twice a day. Kittens, older cats and special cases are fed according to their individual needs and requirements.

You are also more than welcome to bring along any special ‘cat treats’ that you think your cat would like to receive during his/her stay.


As the health and well being of your cat is our primary concern the cattery maintains an extremely high level of cleanliness and strict bio-security at all times. Our well organised ‘daily routine’ ensures that every morning the units are cleaned and tidied throughout and shelving/floors wiped down with cat friendly disinfectant. Litter trays are constantly monitered throughout the day and are emptied and cleaned as required. We also use hygienic disposable food trays for both wet & dry food and these trays are changed every day. Very strict bio-security is maintained by our staff as they go from unit to unit throughout the day thus eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

As our routine continues throughout the day and includes regular grooming or just ‘play times’ we are able to check on our guests constantly , making sure that they are happy and comfortable. Any signs that they are unhappy or unwell will be picked up on immediately.

If your cat does become unwell during their stay we will immediately refer them to either your own preferred vet (if they are in the local area) or our own local vet who is on 24hr standby. Your cat will also be covered by Petplan Sanctuary insurance during their stay and therefore any vet bills incurred (providing it is not an ongoing condition) will be met by ourselves.

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept cats that are fully vaccinated against Upper Respiratory Infections (cat flu) and Enteritis and have a fully up to date vaccination card. We also cannot accept cats over the age of 6 months that have not been neutered /spayed.